"I highly recommend Deborah for all your proofreading needs. I have worked with her on many undertakings, and she has more than demonstrated her efficiency, knowledge, and flexibility with my requests. She’s done a terrific job and has proven herself invaluable to me, especially during a particularly challenging time. She communicates well and has excellent rapport, is organized, and produces/returns the project material in a timely manner. She has even been willing and able to take on extra responsibilities when I requested. I consider her a true asset and a contributor to my success -- and sanity!"


Michele Duncan King

Coach and Celebrant


"I highly recommend Deb for her proofreading and editing services. I have known her for years, and her dependability, respectfulness, and sincere character shine through in her work. She is a top-notch professional; her accuracy, thoroughness, knowledge, and skill are in a league of their own. I'm so grateful I chose to have her proofread my college dissertation, as I am confident that I am turning in a high-quality, professional report that reflects my hard work and studies. Her communication skills during the process were over and above. You will truly appreciate working with her on your Special project. Don't hesitate, call her today!!"


Karen Lacy, DNM, DSM, BD

Divine Vitality Holistic Health

These testimonials are from my previous business, but they speak to my character and commitment to helping others.

“I found Deborah to be a very grounded and centered woman---most likely due to her many years of work and commitment to the healing arts. Our tapping sessions were powerful and revealing, and Deb was everything you would want from a facilitator. She allowed what needed to happen to happen.  You are in good hands and should feel safe and secure in her hands.”  G.B, CO.

"After the session, I was still trying to wrap my head around how I could feel an emotion so deep to the point of tears. Then after working with Deborah and EFT for an hour, that emotion either subsided or just wasn't there any longer. That's the FREEDOM part!"  C.L., CO.

“Tapping with Deborah was great. I had experience with EFT once before in a group setting, and I must admit that with all those people, I felt a bit silly. But with Deborah, I felt at ease. She is very approachable and calming. Being one-on-one with Deborah, I could focus on the physical and emotional energies moving and dissipating. I went into our session not thinking I had much to tap on, but the process brought forward many things that had been weighing on my subconscious. It was good to bring them to the forefront and address them. Whatever reason you have to tap, you are in good hands with Deborah!"  K.C., MI.