Wheel of Manifestation

Here we are at week 11 with the 10th card of the Major Arcana--The Wheel of Fortune, or as I like to refer to it--The Wheel of Manifestation. This card is all about cycles and having the power to use them to your advantage.

In numerology, the number 10 is both an ending and a beginning. If you look at the number 10, you can break it down into a one and a zero. The 10 as a whole is the transition space between the end of something and the beginning of something new. The zero is back at the beginning with the Fool, and the number one uses the power of the Magician UPON the Fool (Zero Point Field) where anything and everything is possible. After that comes the cards 2-4. Cards 1+2+3+4=10. These are the powers of manifestation--the Law of Attraction.

The Wheel of Fortune reminds you that everything in nature has cycles. These cycles bring new life and, eventually, death. This is the way the universe works. The cosmos is constantly changing. Old stars die, and new ones emerge. The cells in your body are constantly dying and renewing. This card is also a promise that you can change the recurring patterns in your life. Nothing stays the same forever. Remember the phrase, "nothing is constant but change"? This is what you need to focus on. If you can truly COMPREHEND "why" you keep repeating patterns, you can change them. This is the promise of the number 10.

The four elements: fire, air, water, and earth, are depicted on the Wheel of Fortune. These elements correspond to the first four cards of the Tarot Major Arcana (Magician, High Priestess, Empress, and Emperor). You need to apply all of these elements to your intentions (see those individual lessons) to change outdated patterns.

The Wheel of Fortune depicts a circle--where there is no beginning and no end. It is a representation that reminds you, you live WITHIN a living cosmos, and the cosmos lives within you. There is no separation. It also teaches you that "what you send out will come back to you," usually threefold. If you are using the Rider-Waite deck, you will see that there is a single point in the middle of the circle. This is where the Fool lives--the point where all possibilities exist AT THE SAME MOMENT--a concentration of pure energy. This is where you change your patterns.

The circle in this Wheel is slightly deceptive. It is really a SPIRAL. Why? Because every time you use cards 1-4, you are LEARNING LESSONS. At least, you should be! Every time you learn from a life lesson--and strive not to repeat it--you move up the spiral. You move into a new vibration--a new frequency. One that allows you to see more clearly. The only time it will remain a "flat" circle (one dimensional) is if you do not learn from your lessons/mistakes. Then you are destined to repeat those same lessons until learned truly. The goal is to be moving up the spiral. In this way, you will be changing your gene expression. Your body will actually be going through PHYSICAL changes.

If by this time in the series, you don't grasp that only YOU have power over your life--living within the One energy--you are destined to repeat, over and over, the same patterns that keep coming up for you. You will keep riding the gerbil wheel instead of ascending the spiral.

On another note, before you even begin the intention/manifestation process, it's important you know the best time in the cycle to change it. Never start a change unless you are in a good place. If you are emotional or having a "down" moment, wait until it has passed. Otherwise, you may not be able to focus properly with detachment and power. You could create something similar to the situation you are currently in or create something worse. Create when you are feeling excited and confident. Following the Moon-cycles is also a good choice. Create intentions at the New Moon and release unwanted "stuff" at the Full Moon.


  1. Find a quiet spot. Relax and breathe slowly and deeply.

  2. Think about your past. What cycles/patterns keep repeating? Why? What can you do to change them? Write in your journal.

  3. Think about your present. What choices and decisions did you make that brought you to this moment in time? Your actions, emotions, mental images, etc. Write.

  4. Any time you feel at a standstill or are procrastinating, think about--looking at the Rider-Waite version is even better--the Wheel of Fortune card. Know that your very future is at stake if you do nothing. Then pick up the Fool and create your next intention.

Finally, remember that NOTHING stays the same; everything moves in cycles. Be prepared to move into the next one KNOWING that you have the power to redirect and change your life!

Until next time...

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