The Strength of Turning Fear into an Ally

Have you ever had a fear that you knew intellectually was silly, but you had it anyway? Of course, you have. We have ALL been there! Mine used to be being seen. Yep, I would try to blend into the walls--not stand out. I would really be anxious if someone at a party would come up and start talking to me. On the outside, I would be all smiling and nodding my head, but on the inside? The only thought going through my head would be, "what if they want me to start talking next? What am I going to say, so I don't look stupid?" It's not that I wasn't friendly--because I was! I was just shy around new people, and I wanted them to like me. So there's another fear--the fear of not being liked!

What was I to do? Become a hermit for the rest of my life (which is, by the way, next week's Tarot No, I couldn't do that because I really was a "people person." I needed to be around people. So I set out to do something about it.

Here's the thing. Fear is just an "unknown." Something that needs you to take a deeper look. We tend to fear what we don't understand. Take, for example, the ancient civilizations that were afraid of, yet revered, thunder and lightning. How afraid they must have been thinking that the Gods were angry with them. Today, while lightning and electricity are still something to be feared if you don't respect them, we can now have light at night and run our appliances whenever we want. All it took was a deeper understanding to turn that energy into something that WORKS FOR US. Never be fooled by appearances. There is always something deeper going on.

You can never resolve fears by pretending they don't exist--by shoving them under the rug. They are also not to be destroyed but overcome. The way you do this is by giving it a voice and studying where it came from and why it's sticking around, then you can turn it into an ally, something that works for you and not against you. It takes STRENGTH to do this. Not everyone wants to--or will--take the time to overcome their fears. BUT, once you do this, you take away its power over you!

After all, fear is just another illusion. Why? Because it can be controlled through the "correct mental processes" that we have discussed in the previous cards. Just like electricity, every other thing in the universe is made up of energy--including our thoughts. Since our lives are projections of our thoughts, what we fear becomes a reality. But this is an "illusion" of reality. Strength is the next step in your evolution of self-realization and controlling what your life looks like.

Ok, this is not the forum for a physics lesson--so I won't give you one (whew, right?)--BUT there is only ONE energy that makes up ALL things. It's called many names; God, Goddess, One Spirit, Great Spirit, Source, etc. THIS is the power that we align with when we do our intention work. Remember, this is the ONLY POWER THAT EXISTS. Fear, however, will stop your intention and manifestation in its tracks!! I cannot emphasize this enough. If you are fearful, that is what you will create--more fear.

Numerologically, the number 8 is a symbol of rhythmic vibration. It is also the symbol of infinity, Kundalini energy, endless activity, and harmony and balance. Scientists say that the universe is constantly creating itself, that we would never be able to reach the "end" of it. This is the ONE energy in action. It is always creating; therefore, WE are always creating. It will never stop. It will never die. There is an infinite amount of it--and it's available to ALL. So make sure you are using it consciously and wisely.


  1. Find a quiet spot to sit. Breathe slowly and evenly.

  2. Center yourself in the middle of the universe. It is all around you.

  3. Fill your mind with the thought that EVERYTHING that exists comes from the ONE energy. That Spirit is perfect and will manifest what is perfect for you if you make your intentions through this ONE energy. Really FEEL this connection!

  4. For a whole week, start looking at EVERYTHING around you and consciously SEEING this ONE energy. Use all of your senses.

  5. Start looking at people and seeing that same energy. Connect your heart to theirs. Look at them deeply (but not in a creepy way)! Meet them at the soul level. The more you practice #4 and #5, the more automatic it will become.

  6. Refrain from gossip. Look for the divine in everyone! Bless others instead of gossiping about them.

  7. As always, make sure you keep journaling your progress! This is important.

By having the Strength to look fear in the eye and giving it a voice, by uncovering it and looking deeper--you will recover your power and be free. Remember to use all of the knowledge you have gained so far throughout this series.

Note: If you follow all of the ideas expressed in the Major Arcana that we have covered so far, your whole organism will start to go through an actual change. Your gene expression will never be healthier. I MEAN THIS! It happened to me.

Until next time...

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