The Magician's Tools

YOU are a magician. YOU have access to all of the divine tools needed to create your most wonderful and fulfilling life. YOU were created in God's (Great Spirit, Source, etc.) image; therefore, you were given the ability to create.

As we talked about in the last post, the Fool is the BEGINNING of this creation--the beginning of your new life. The Magician is the second step to fulfilling your desires.

You're probably asking yourself, "I thought that I was done after making and releasing my intention." Well, not quite. You see, Great Spirit (this is what I call the ONE because of my American Indian heritage) doesn't just hand you your best life on a silver platter--you still need to do your part.

In Numerology, the number "1" is about beginnings. It is very closely connected with the Fool. The Fool is pure divine energy, but the Magician--because of the individuality of the number one--is what keeps you connected (the individual) to your divineness, ALWAYS, like an umbilical cord. It tells you that you alone have authority over your life--no one else but you!

When you were created, you received the elements of earth, air, fire, and water; earth to manifest your intentions into reality; air to be able to create your intentions clearly and concisely; fire to ignite your WILL, passion, and ability to transform, and water to create your goals and dreams, and then let them flow out into the Universe. These are the Magician's tools.

Let's talk about fire for a moment. Fire is all about ACTION. It never rests. It's always roaring or flickering about. Even when it's burned down to coals, it's never ready to give up. This is what the Magician embodies.

The Magician is the next step of the intention you just sent out. Now is the time to start PAYING ATTENTION and taking action. The Univeral forces are--right now--working on manifesting your intention. The Universe will start sending you signs, "coincidences" (which, by the way, there are none), and serendipitous situations. But, you have to PAY ATTENTION. These situations are being sent to you for you to ACT UPON, not sit back and wait for things to come to you, because THIS is what is coming to you! This is part of creating your own future. This is the teaching of the Magician. And, you ARE THE MAGICIAN!

True story. Recently, I graduated from a proofreading program. I went through extensive training on grammar, punctuation, and spelling. I also belong to several Facebook groups on this subject. A few--no, a lot--of the recent graduates said they were having a tough time finding clients. In fact, most of the posts were real downers. Did I let this get ME down? NO! I took what I know about the Fool and the Magician and CREATED a client. How did I create this client? I put my clear intention out. Did I wait for the client to come to me? No! I took action by posting on various sites that I had graduated and was now ready to begin my new business. It took approximately two days for my intention to become a reality! Now, will your intention manifest this quickly for you? Maybe, and maybe not. Everything has perfect divine timing based on what your needs are at the time and if it's for your "highest good."

The Universe doesn't play favorites. It will ALWAYS manifest for you, so make sure that you become the master of your thoughts. This is the "air" part of the Magician. The "water" aspect teaches you to "go with the flow" of things. Just because you think that your intention should manifest in a particular way doesn't mean that it will. Great Spirit knows what needs to happen--in your best interest--to manifest your intention into the earth-plane.


  1. Firstly, meditate on the Magician each day if you can. Five minutes will do. Concentrate on the following: earth, what kind of "things" do you normally manifest in your life (i.e., relationships, jobs, situations, etc.)? Air, are you able to form clear, concise intentions, goals, and dreams? Do you manifest consciously or subconsciously? Do your thoughts tend to run on the negative or positive side? Fire, do you take action when needed, or do you sit back and wait for things to happen? Water, are you able to let something go when it no longer serves you? Is change hard for you? Why? Write in your journal.

  2. Next, pay attention to ANY "signs" and coincidences--remember that there is no such thing as a coincidence. Strangers that start a conversation or a strong "feeling" to do something or go somewhere. Seeing a particular animal or object over and over. Thinking of someone, and then they call. Having a thought, and then seeing that thought on the TV. Write these in your journal. The more you start focusing your attention, the more you will notice that your life is much "deeper" with meaning than you previously thought.

Note: The more you practice these exercises, the more you can change your gene expression. You will bring more control into your consciousness, which will create a happier, more joyful life, which will change how your genes express themselves--for the better!

Remember, you ARE THE MAGICIAN! Your intention is percolating, and the Universe will soon be giving you signs that require ACTION on your part. Do not let these opportunities to create your own life pass you by.

Until next time...

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