The Lovers in Harmony

Have you ever walked into a room and felt uncomfortable or that something wasn't quite right? Or that someone was putting out "bad vibes?" Or the person you were talking with was so negative that you were becoming negative and agitated, even though you were in a good mood when you arrived?

This happens to EVERYONE whether you're conscious of it or not. This is the way energy moves and works. If you are standing next to someone, your energy fields are comingling. You are picking up their vibes and them yours. If you are having a bad day, you are probably having negative thoughts and using negative language, which is then being broadcast into your environment and to those around you. Words and thoughts have actual substance--they matter and ARE matter! They can--and do--affect everything around you. This is why it is so important that you harmonize your self-conscious thoughts/words and decisions with the subconscious part of your brain; because who wants their energies to be in a constant state of turmoil--whether from yourself or someone else. This can lead to all sorts of issues. You want to make sure that what is yours stays yours, and what is someone else's stays theirs. When you are in control of yourself, other people's moods will have no effect on you.

On the surface, the Lovers talks about relationships "out there." How we interact with one another. On a deeper level, it talks of the relationship with the self, between the three separate aspects of the mind. We touched on this with the High Priestess, but the Lovers gets more specific. On the actual Tarot card (Rider-Waite), the woman symbolizes the subconscious and the man the self-conscious aspects of the mind, and they are on EQUAL footing--one is not any more important than the other. The angel represents the super-conscious.

In Numerology, the number six symbolizes reciprocation and partnership. At the deeper level, we are talking about the cooperation between the self-conscious, subconscious, and super-conscious parts of the mind. The self-conscious part of the mind (the way you actively move through the world making decisions) is ruled by the subconscious part--memories, influences, beliefs, etc. (See the High Priestess.) The super-conscious part of the mind is directly under the influence of divine forces, or cosmic/universal mind, and it rules over both of the other parts of the mind in equal measure. It plays no favorites and is accessible by both the self-conscious and subconscious parts of the brain.

One significant fact to remember is that the subconscious is ALWAYS amenable (pliable) to suggestion (this is how it got you to this point in the first place)! You CAN redirect it, though--as you were taught with the High Priestess. This is why it is so important to properly and responsibly direct it with the self-conscious part of the mind under the direct influence of the super-consciousness. In other words, learn how to control what you say and the thoughts you have by living in your divineness. If you do not learn how to control what your subconscious stores, you will fall into the illusions of a false reality--which is where most of us already find ourselves.

So how do you keep from falling into this false reality? You start by NOTICING, consciously, what goes on around you and what you are thinking. What are you manifesting, and are your thoughts positive or negative? Are your thoughts automatic (governed by past experiences) or considered? You can only change your situation if your conscious and subconscious minds have nothing to hide from each other. You MUST be honest with yourself.

The subconscious is an illusion--YES, that's right! There is very little there that is "real." That is because all that is stored has probably been put there by fear, doubt, low self-worth, hate, etc. These are ILLUSIONS. You are a divine being and perfect! What this means is that you are capable of CREATING. If you learn how to balance your two minds and let super-consciousness (the divine mind) rule over them both, you will be at your most POWERFUL!

Another helpful hint to remember is that VISUALIZING has the EXACT SAME POWER AS DOING! Your subconscious mind cannot differentiate between the two. This is why star athletes can do what they do. They visualize themselves actually DOING the thing. Every minute detail. They leave nothing out--from start to finish (see the Fool). This is how you start training your subconscious to be in harmony with your self-conscious mind. WATCH your thoughts. Keep track of any negative thoughts, and change them through visualization.


  1. Find a quiet, comfortable spot. Do some slow and steady breathing.

  2. Think about how your thoughts are affecting your life. Do you think more positive thoughts or negative? Why? What lies in your subconscious that is creating this (because it IS creating the life you have at this very moment)? Write in your journal.

  3. How can you make a commitment to change these thoughts and harmonize your two minds?

  4. How do your intuition and divine connection influence your decisions? Do you actively listen?

  5. Go back through the previous cards and see where you might need to start making changes.

  6. Finally, here is a "magical formula" that will start to harmonize the self-conscious and subconscious minds (assuming that you are actively WORKING on it). Read it until you have absorbed its ideas, then put in your own words for your particular situation. SPEAK DIRECTLY TO YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS LIKE YOU WERE SPEAKING TO AN ACTUAL PERSON:

"Subconscious, from here forward, you are free from the influence of any misinterpretations of experience resulting from errors in my self-conscious reasoning. You will refuse to accept, or act upon, these misinterpretations. Instead, you will be guided by the light of super-conscious wisdom.

"Under this influence, you will set my body in perfect order. Through this wisdom, you will guide me to make the right decisions in all I do. By the reflection of this endless power, you will give me strength, ability, and persistence to accomplish all I have to do." (Taken from Tarot Fundamentals ~ B.O.T.A)

Keep this formula with you, and read it OFTEN. This is so gene-expression changing!!

Lastly, the Lovers is a card for mental health because it creates BALANCE. If you can learn how to bend the subconscious to the bidding of the self-conscious while living under super-conscious, divine influence, you will be able to start looking INTO life instead of just AT IT.

Until next time...

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