The Fool's Errand

Our journey begins on the edge of a precipice. It's a bright sunny day, and you appear to have not a care in the world. You are daydreaming of faraway lands and exotic adventures. You carry your belongings with you and have your faithful and ever-helpful companion by your side. You also realize that you HAVE to, at some point, step over that edge...

But...are you ready?

Have you fully prepared yourself for what lies ahead? Not for the actual journey -- for that is part of the mystery -- but for the WAY you move through the coming scenes, knowing that YOU -- and only you -- are in control of your destiny?

Enter the first card of the Tarot, the Fool, an archetype that each one of us embodies. You may be saying, "Wait, what? I'm no fool. I resent that." That is until you find out that this aspect is the most divine and perfect part of yourself; your true nature that God/Great Spirit (or whatever you choose to call it) created. It is the part of you that is STILL connected to the heavens/cosmos/universe.

The Fool is where all your thoughts, goals, and dreams start to manifest. This is where the work begins. You cannot live the life you dream of without paying homage to the Fool. You see, the Fool's makeup is pure divine energy. The Zero-Point-Field, if you will. Where all thoughts = energy = matter. Your thoughts become matter!

Every day our brains are endlessly thinking, endlessly creating. Most of this is on an unconscious level. Is it no surprise then that most of us are living a life we aren't completely satisfied with? If this is the case for you, let the Fool be your teacher.

Until I started an extensive deep-dive into the Tarot, I didn't realize how much I didn't know about how our minds work. This was about ten years ago. I did not realize that I had such power over my life.

I was constantly sick with this, that, or another thing, and I wonder, from time to time, if I had known about all this mind-body connection (through Tarot) sooner, could I have avoided a complete hysterectomy or thyroid dis-ease? Oh, sure, I had knowledge of this stuff, being a massage therapist and energy worker, but I didn't KNOW it. I didn't EMBODY it. I now know in my heart and my whole being that through the esoteric study and use of Tarot, I have been able to change my gene expression. I don't know if I turned my "sick genes" off or turned my "wellness" genes on, but I DO KNOW that I no longer get painful chest colds or the flu!

If you choose to study the Tarot and make an effort to include it in your daily life, in mental, spiritual, and physical ways, I know that you WILL create some majorly powerful changes in your life. So I hope you stick with me and do the exercises that have benefited me on my journey. Onwards!

In numerology (the esoteric study of numbers), the number "0" contains ALL possibilities that are present in "this moment." All these possibilities exist simultaneously. Again, the Zero-Point-Field. It is at this precise moment that your future is created -- by you -- through your thoughts. Are you going to consciously create or let your subconscious do it for you with all of its fears, limitations, and biases?

Therefore, the Fool teaches you to:

  1. Be clear and concise with your intentions. This is the number one thing you MUST do.

  2. Make intentions about what you DO WANT, not what you don't want.

  3. Focus on the outcome, not the path to get there.

  4. KNOW that your intention has ALREADY manifested. Use all of your senses to accomplish this. Feel it, see it, smell it, taste it, hear it.

  5. Release it to the Universe. Do not dwell on it as this creates doubt, which, in turn, nullifies the intention.


  1. Come up with an intention. Something that you REALLY desire (as long as it hurts no one or interferes with the free-will of another). Make this one simple. Make it super clear and concise. Are there colors? Smells? Tastes? Sounds? What does it FEEL like? Write it down.

  2. Sit in a quiet spot with your eyes closed. Focus on your intention. Bring all of your senses into it. See it in your minds-eye. Really see it. Imagine that you ALREADY have this thing. How does it make you FEEL? Really feel it! IT IS YOURS! Continue with this vision as long as you want.

  3. You KNOW you already have it! Now, release it to the Universe. Let it go. You can also (safely) burn the piece of paper, sending your intention out.

  4. Release ALL thought of it. You know it's yours already. THIS IS THE HARDEST PART, and if you can master it, you will have all that you desire.

Note: Unless you wrote this in your journal to start with, I would not write it down now because you would be re-focusing on it instead of letting it go.

The more you practice, the easier it will get, and then -- get ready -- because your life is about to EXPLODE with all the blessings that are your birthright as a divine being.

Let the Fool into your life and start living "on purpose."

This is the main teaching of the Fool, but here are a few more lessons to ponder:

  1. What "baggage" are you carrying with you on your journey? Do you really NEED all of it? Are there things that you are ready to let go of that no longer serve you?

  2. There is ALWAYS the promise of a new beginning, a new day; life is a cycle.

  3. What is YOUR TRUTH? Are you living there? Why not?

  4. Spirit (your faithful companion) is always with you for guidance and support.

Finally, I would suggest starting a TAROT journal so that you can keep track of your progression through the Tarot's Major Arcana over the next 22 weeks. You can keep track of manifested intentions, how you might have sabotaged one, and if you notice any patterns that emerge over and over again.

Until we meet again...

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