The Empress of Creation

In the Fool, all things are possible. The Magician tells you that you have all the tools needed to bring your intentions into the earth plane. The High Priestess shows you your memories and patterns and what changes you need to make to move forward. This brings us to the Empress.

The Empress is the mother of all creativity, of everything that is birthed from your imagination. Something is coming into manifestation. What this is, depends on how clear you were able to make use of the Fool's and Magician's energies and whether or not your conscious and subconscious minds were in alignment at the time.

You are CONSTANTLY in a state of creation, whether you realize it or not. Since your thoughts are energy, whatever you are thinking will become reality. THIS IS IMPORTANT! What kind of reality are you birthing? One full of joy and abundance? Or one of misery and lack? It depends on which one you are focused on--whether consciously or unconsciously.

The Empress is asking you to become the best mother--creator--you can be. She is asking you to nourish and feed your soul. To become what you came here to be, which is the best version of your divine self. To follow in the Creator's footsteps as you were DESIGNED. YOU and only you have the ability to create your reality.

The planet Venus is assigned to the Empress. Everything you create must be created out of LOVE--for your highest good and the highest good of all. Love cannot be left out of the equation—love for YOURSELF and others. If you find it hard to love yourself, you MUST change this because you will not be able to create the life that you desire without self-love. Go back to the exercises of the High Priestess, and master them. Do some Shadow Work. Change how you think! The stream that flows from the High Priestess down to the Empress "waters" whatever is in your garden. Make sure there are flowers, not weeds. Loving yourself is the surest way to change your gene expression. If you can't love yourself, you cannot expect to spread love into the world.

The Empress is the full expression of what it means to be a mother and nurturer. You must nurture the creativity within along with loving yourself. If you don't nurture yourself as a divine, creative soul, you cannot--and will not--be able to create your desires. You have to be able to nurture yourself; this is your responsibility--no one else's. REMEMBER, you are worthy of love and nurturing!


  1. Find a quiet spot to sit. Get into a relaxed state of introspection.

  2. Think about what is manifesting for you RIGHT NOW. What is your life like right now? Is it how you pictured it? If not, what needs to change? Write in your journal.

  3. Now, ask yourself what it is you love about yourself. Do not over-think. Use flow-of-consciousness. Write in your journal. If, when you do this, objections arise (i.e., I love my hair, BUT it's not as pretty as so-and-so's), write it down in your journal.

  4. When your done writing, go back to any objections that may have arisen. These are the thoughts you need to change. Why is there an objection? Where does it come from? Is this your truth or someone else's? Go back to the exercises in the High Priestess and create positive affirmations.

  5. Choose one thing in your life you want to change. Go back to the Fool, Magician, and High Priestess and change it!

  6. Lastly, LOVE YOURSELF! Great Spirit does because you are an extension and expression of this divine energy. YOU ARE WORTHY! Post "I love you" notes around your living space so that you see them often. Pause, look in a mirror, and say, "I love you" as often as you can.

The Empress is your imagination and creativity. The only limits to creating your best life are the ones you place on yourself. You were created in Divine Love and can, therefore, create in Divine Love.

Until next time...

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