The Emperor's Sight

The Emperor sits on his throne, king of his realm. Wise, compassionate, fair, loved. Or is he?

The Emperor is the culmination of the Fool, Magician, High Priestess, and Empress. He is the last in the line of bringing your intentions into manifestation. He is the embodiment of how you combined your thoughts, tools, memories, and creativity. You are now the "father/master" of what has come into being--whatever that may be.

The number four in numerology is all about reason and order. It is about becoming the master of your own life. Are you a loving and wise ruler? Or do you rule through fear and shortsightedness? YOU control the conditions of your environment.

The Emperor sits on a throne in his red robes (desires that have come into reality). The throne is adorned with figures of Aries, which rules the functions of sight and reason--in other words, the head. The Emperor is asking you to examine what has brought you to this place. What kind of "king" are you? Do you actively rule your life, or are you a passive observer? This will determine whether or not you are living the life of your dreams.

Even though the Emperor requires action, there are still the passive feminine forces in play. Active reasoning needs to be combined with self-contemplation and intuition in order to rule your life with confidence and clarity.

A good king knows his kingdom. He is fair, loving, and caring, yet he instills discipline for the good of all. You are being asked to be this kind of king. To be the ruler of your thoughts, desires, intuition/memories, and creations--your environment.

A good king is farsighted--he plans and then acts, ensuring a prosperous future. He is clear on what that future will look like and places his focus/sight on what he DOES WANT, not what he doesn't want. He is asking you to do the same. Create a clear vision for your future, and then focus on gratitude and all of the blessings you have in your life. Placing your focus on these will create more of them. Being grateful is one of the surest ways to create more happiness.


  1. Find a quiet place to sit. Center and ground yourself. Become peaceful.

  2. Think of all the things in your life that you are grateful for. Write them down in your journal.

  3. Think back to the original intention you made with the Fool. Is it manifesting in your life? Did something else manifest that you were not expecting? Write this down.

  4. Did you use all of your Magician's tools to their fullest? Write.

  5. How about your memories? Did you use your conscious mind to override your subconscious mind that the High Priestess teaches? What affirmations did you use? Write in your journal.

  6. How are you doing on loving yourself? Write.

  7. What kind of Emperor are you? How could you be better? Again, write.

We are all creating, every minute of every day. This is WHO WE ARE. We were created to create. Our free-will comes into play in HOW we choose to create. So what is it that you have created? Are you the MASTER of your life, or is it the master over you?

Until next time...

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