The Conquest of the Chariot

Ah...the Chariot. Everything the Chariot stands for "seems" to stand in opposition. Which is what it is trying to teach you. The reconciliation of opposites and the conquest of illusion.

You may have noticed that, so far, each of the Major Arcana cards in the Tarot has represented a different aspect of yourself. More of an inner journey that affects the outer state of your life. This is the TRUTH of the Tarot. Whoever chooses to follow this path of understanding, and can master it, stands to live in the Divine Light that is their birthright. It's vitally important that you remember this--never let it leave your thoughts!

The Chariot--in my mind--is one of the most difficult of the Major Arcana to understand. It talks about the Chariot being a "fence" that the rider is protected by. According to the Bhagavad-Gita; "The Self is the rider in the chariot of the body, of which the senses are the horses, and the mind the reins." In other words, your soul (super-consciousness) is using the body for its time here on the earth plane and trying to drive the chariot by controlling the senses (illusions) with the power of the mind (the conscious and subconscious). But, do we let it? That is the question!

Our bodies CONTAIN the divine light (soul). Our PERSONALITIES come from living in our bodies and having our experiences. BUT, we ARE NOT our personalities. Our true self is that divine light within us. This is where WILL comes in.

If we are truly living as divine spirits, we have no free-will. Yes, you read that right. What the Chariot is saying is that, if you are living consciously--which we all should be dong--you are living the will of your higher self; your divineness. This next part is tricky. You DO have free will to make decisions each and every day, and you use it, each and every day--through the personality with all it's biases and beliefs. But, when you make decisions through the personality, you are STILL using the UNIVERSAL WILL because what you do--ALWAYS--will come back to you. If you are living wisely (consciously), though, you are then living through the COSMIC ENERGY OF WILL-POWER, not the personality.

The universe creates. That is how it is designed. I say "is" because it is constantly creating itself and expanding. We are created out of the same stuff. We are constantly creating and expanding. The universe WILLS itself to create because it must. We WILL ourselves to create because we are ONE with the universe and CANNOT live separately from it. Working to control the Will--as the previous Tarot cards have taught us--is where the TRUE power lies.

Numerologically, the number 7 has been held in veneration by many civilizations. It is too in-depth to go into here, but here are just a few of its meanings: mastery, conquest, peace, safety, security, equilibrium, and bringing order out of chaos. It is a very esoteric number and fits the Chariot perfectly.


  1. Find a quiet spot to sit. Breathe steadily and rhythmically.

  2. Contemplate how you are using your WILL. Is it coming from your personality or from your higher self?

  3. How can you vow to live more consciously through the Cosmic Will.

  4. Read this post again and REALLY contemplate it. This particular Tarot card has to be FELT and understood on an esoteric level. Let your energy expand to include the whole of the universe and ALL that's in it. Become ONE. Let it flow through your mind and just write in your journal ALL thoughts that come to you. Do not over-think it.

  5. If you have the Rider-Waite deck, look at this card for 5 minutes every day for a week and journal.

Finally, remember what it was like to be a child? Everything was magical. We did not separate things into categories. It was not "us vs. them". We had a special connection to the world around us. We were ONE with it. Try to get there again.

Until next time...

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