The Charismatic Hierophant

Ever since I was a young girl, I have always questioned what others have told me was the "truth." I seemed always to be able to discern what was false and what was a Universal, deep Truth. Something in my gut--more than my intellect at twelve years old--would point me towards the truth of the matter. Unfortunately, this would have me questioning various adults in my life, which caused me a lot of discomfort and distress. The adults were supposed to have all of the answers and make your world easier to live in. This was particularly hard with beliefs.

From birth on, we are told and taught what we are to believe--usually based on family and societal values--and if we don't conform, we become outcasts or "black sheep." This is especially true with organized religion.

The Hierophant is the Tarot card that asks you, "What is it that YOU (not your parents, siblings, friends, clergyman, etc.) truly believe?" About yourself, family, society, and the world. There are so many charismatic people "out there" that seem to be able to reel you into their way of thinking in a flash without you even realizing it. This is counted on so that they will have some level of control over you.

In Numerology, the number five is about conflict, mediation, and lessons.

Take a look at the original intention that you made with the Fool. Are there any conflicts arising? Is what you wanted coming into manifestation? Or are there some changes to be made because you are not getting what you wanted, but something else came through? Is the intention something that YOU wanted or something that someone else told you you wanted? Did the intention come from your heart and your truth or outside of yourself? The Hierophant asks you to learn how to discern--between what is YOURS and what is OTHER. In other words, KNOW THYSELF. This is the greatest lesson you can learn in your lifetime! THIS is the answer to all you desire.

Sometimes it's easier to follow than it is to lead. But this is a mistake because you will never learn the lessons you came here to learn by following someone else. You will never become wise with your own wisdom, and you will never be able to share and pass down your own journey. You are a Divine Being and have your own path to follow. You want to be able to teach future generations that they, too, need to lead and not follow so that they can live in their Truth.


  1. Find a quiet spot for contemplation. Relax and breathe slowly and evenly.

  2. Think about your original intention. What changes would you make based on what you know now? Are there any lessons that you learned from it? Write.

  3. Are you a leader or a follower? Why? Do you blindly follow "outside" truths, or do you trust your intuition and own divine truth? Write.

  4. When you learn a lesson, do you use that information wisely? Do you listen, or do you rush on and act as if nothing happened? Write.

  5. Are you living your life or someone else's? Why? Write some more.

The surest way to "Know Thyself" is to be very truthful with yourself and to be able to discern what has made you who you are today--what your beliefs are. This will probably change your gene expression more than any other card. If you truly know who you are at the deepest level, there are no limits to what you can accomplish.

Until next time...

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