Memories & the High Priestess

While the Magician INFORMS that you have all of the tools you need to create your life, the High Priestess ASKS whether or not your beliefs about yourself are in harmony with the life you want to create.

The Magician requires ACTION, but the High Priestess is all about REFLECTION. The Universe is "reflecting" back to you what you put out; therefore, it is crucial that your two minds are in harmony with one another.

What do I mean about "two minds"? In Numerology, the number two adds another aspect to the number one. Whereas the number one is solitary, the number two cannot be, or work, alone. Your conscious and subconscious minds cannot--and do not--work independently of one another. Where one goes, the other follows. These two very different parts of your mind need to work harmoniously with each other if you are to create the life that you desire.

Since you were a child, you have been creating memories that have been filed away in your mind. Your subconscious mind. You may be able to recall a good portion of these, but some might remain elusive only to resurface under certain conditions. Our memories hold the clues to PATTERNS that keep reoccurring over and over in our lives. Do you react the same way EVERY time your put in similar situations? Even if you don't mean to? These are conditioned responses.

What if, as a child, you were told over and over again how much smarter than you others were. Then as an adult, you decided to start your own business. It failed. All of a sudden, that memory comes back to you, and you start thinking that your business failed because you're stupid, and because you're stupid, EVERYTHING you try will fail. Consciously, you know that's not sound thinking, but subconsciously that childhood film is running--and will keep running--until you decide to do something about it.

THIS is what the High Priestess is asking you to do. To reflect on outdated movies playing in your head. This might be WHY your desires are not coming into manifestation or why your life is filled with misery. The two parts of your mind MUST be in harmony with each other. If they remain in opposition, it will be difficult to manifest anything but grief and frustration. Your conscious mind is saying, "I can succeed!" Your subconscious mind is saying, "I'm stupid, I can't succeed, I don't deserve to succeed."

The subconscious mind will always rule supreme, that's because it is governed by FEELINGS. You can try to create intentions and put them out to the Universe all you want, BUT if you don't FEEL like you deserve them, they won't manifest no matter how hard you try! Or they will manifest in a way that is not helpful.

This is one of the most difficult cards of the Major Arcana to master because it needs you to re-think everything you think you know about yourself. To recognize outdated (or never true in the first place) thoughts and patterns and release them. Introspection is the key.


  1. Find a quiet place to sit. Contemplate or meditate on the High Priestess card for 5 minutes. Become introspective and at peace. Know that you are a divine being made in the image of Great Spirit.

  2. Ask yourself where your self-image comes from. What is it that you BELIEVE about yourself? Is this WHO you TRULY are, or is this a person of someone else's making? Are you living in YOUR truth? Write the answers in your journal.

  3. Notice any recurring patterns in your life. How do they make you FEEL? Write them down.

  4. Really FEEL your feelings in your body. Where are they located? This might give you insight into any aches and pains or dis-ease you have. Write it down.

  5. Turn these "negatives" into positive affirmations. For instance, say you feel like you don't deserve something (remember, we do not focus on what we don't want). A positive affirmation would be, "I deserve this _____ because it is my right as a divine being." Do this with ALL of your negative feelings as they arise. Post these affirmations on your mirror so that you see them daily. Look yourself in the eyes and say the affirmations with force. Keep saying them until you BELIEVE THEM!!

This will take practice--and may be uncomfortable--but believe me, your gene expression will be forever changed! Your life will be filled with more blessings than you can count.

The High Priestess is always with you. She asks that you step into the TRUTH of who you are. Stop letting your subconscious rule your life. Take charge and live the life that you desire and deserve!

Until next time...

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