Justice...or Karma?

Here we are -- at the halfway point. Already! We have left the first 10 Major Arcana cards of the Tarot behind...or have we? This week's focus is on Justice and Karma and how to make them work FOR you.

The Justice card usually depicts a blindfolded woman holding a sword in one hand and scales in the other. She represents law (universal laws) and order, balance, and swift judgment. She IS Karma.

Normally I would have a section exclusively devoted to Numerology. However, Justice is pretty much all about numerology. So let's get started!

In numerology, the number 11 would be broken down into one single digit (1+1=2). While this IS true with Justice, it is also taken in its full form...11.

When it shows up as a single digit (2), it refers to the High Priestess. If you remember, she taught you how to bring BALANCE to both your conscious and subconscious minds. She taught you that your memories made you who you are today and that to change, you needed to reconcile those memories with patterns that keep showing up for you today (Karma). Justice is the proof of how well you were able to do this. Remember, there is no judgment (that comes later! Lol).

Another attribute of Justice is that it implies equilibrium. The number 11 taken as a whole is an example of this. The 1+1 is in an equal state (it even looks like a scale). As we know, everything goes in cycles -- as seen in the Wheel of Fortune. Our lives "swing," as do the scales. If there was no swing and the scales were in a constant balanced state, our lives would not be able to move forward, and we could not grow through lessons learned. The 1+1 also brings us to the concept of duality. EVERYTHING in life has a duality, a polar opposite. You could not know good without knowing bad. You cannot grow without experiencing ups and downs. The scales NEED to move!

In Tarot, when you have a double-digit number, the digit on the right is the POWER that expresses itself THROUGH the digit on the left (remember this fact for the rest of the following cards). So the 11 (in its wholeness) is the power of the Magician working through its OWN agency. This is why it is so important to REALLY make your intentions clear because you WILL be dealing with the consequences -- again, Karma -- down the road. You can only do this if you have a "balanced mind" (11 broken down into 2) through the High Priestess. This is why the number 11 is called a Master Number -- you need to be able to master your mind, therefore intentions, in order to create good Karma.

When we contemplate Justice in our daily lives, it is asking you to weigh and measure the facts of a situation ACCURATELY. Where are your facts coming from? Are they yours or someone else's? Are they based on TRUTH or hearsay? Hopefully, you have done your work with the High Priestess and can answer these questions.


  1. Find a quiet spot. Close your eyes and breathe.

  2. Think about where you started, where you were at the beginning of this series. How has your life changed? Be specific. Write in your journal.

  3. Which lesson could use revisiting? Which one are you struggling with? Why? Be honest with yourself. Do not judge yourself.

  4. How/what have you learned BECAUSE of your struggles and past patterns?

  5. What Karma has shown up for you -- right now? Can you think of why? Write.

Finally, as you will see when this series is finished, Justice sits right smack-dab in the middle of all of the cards. There is a reason for this. At the end of this series, I will be giving you a diagram to ponder -- but at this time, without knowing the meaning of the remainder Major Arcana cards, it would not make much sense. So for the time being, keep studying and applying the cards to your daily life and see the magick in each of them.

Until next time...

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